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Atomontage Slovakia s.r.o.

Atomontage Slovakia s.r.o. is a 3D simulation and graphics technology developer focused on productizing the results of 10+ years of our own R&D on the most advanced voxel solution in the world, formerly known as the Atomontage Engine. This breakthrough volumetric technology allows us to create simulations and visualizations of large, deeply interactive worlds filled with extremely detailed and realistic models. Our visionary investors include current and former executives of top video games studios, like Tommy Palm of Candy Crush fame and currently CEO of Resolution Games, Karl Magnus Troedsson, former CEO of EA/DICE, and Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty, now CEO of VR studio Squanch Games. They all recognized the potential of our breakthroughs and helped set up our US-based parent company, Atomontage Inc. This entity wholly owns the subsidiary Atomontage Slovakia s.r.o., where we’ve established our engineering team of world-class talent in their respective fields. Prominent organizations from several different industries have spontaneously approached us to explore the exciting possibilities of our volumetric technolog...

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